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How To Know When Assisted Living Is the Right Choice for You

Assisted living is the right choice when living at home is precarious. Older people sometimes lose mobility or need to follow a medication routine. This may make it difficult to live comfortably and safely in their homes.

Accidents, frailty, and a general sense of isolation often ensue. In this case, the best solution is a community of assisted living. 

Assisted living provides supervision within a pleasant environment where seniors enjoy social events and the company of others—while having their own private space at the same time. Doctors and nurses deal with medication management and ensure that residents have the right medical guidance.

Common chores such as cooking, housekeeping, and transportation to medical appointments are taken care of so that residents can enjoy a carefree lifestyle within a safe and protected community.

Your Home Is Not Suitable Anymore

Homes are rarely designed for older people with mobility problems in mind. Hallways are narrow, bathrooms lack grip bars, and stairs complicate people’s mobility.

Homes can even become dangerous for people with mobility issues or who have become frail with age. 25% of older Americans will fall at least once per year in their home. Falls come with potential hospitalization and may require help with regaining movement and stability. If you have fallen more than once in your home, it may be time for you to move to an assisted living community.

You Find It Hard to Bathe and Groom Yourself

Hygiene and keeping clean make us feel good about ourselves. Taking a bath is also necessary to clean the skin and keep healthy.

Bathing and grooming, however, can become problematic with age. If you keep postponing bath time because of physical weakness, you are risking your health.

Diminished hygiene is a sign you might require help with daily activities. Such help is available with assisted living, where you have specialized staff assist you when you bathe and groom yourself.

You Feel Lonely and Isolated

Older age is often associated with loneliness and isolation. This is confirmed by studies showing that over 40% of seniors feel lonely [1]. People who feel lonely may also have weakened immune cells that have trouble fighting off viruses, which makes them more vulnerable to some infectious diseases [2].

Loneliness worsens if you can’t drive to meet friends or see family members. If you live alone and spend many days alone at home, assisted living could provide a social life, social events, and the opportunity to be around people.

The Need for Social Integration

Various structural factors exacerbate the social isolation of older individuals. Such structural obstacles include fear of being robbed, distrust of neighbors, limited availability of appropriate services, dilapidated surroundings, and limited meaningful and positive relationships [3]. Having few friends or family members attuned to their concerns is another factor exacerbating social isolation.

A University of Chicago study [4] found that participants often expressed a desire to be socially integrated—an idea that runs against the prevailing assumption that isolated older adults are alone by choice.

This need is perfectly met at an assisted living community, which by its very nature is geared towards social inclusion.

You Don’t Eat Well

Have you been gaining or losing weight lately?

Older people, particularly seniors who live on their own, often forego cooking and preparing nutritious meals for themselves. They may survive on snacks or ready-made meals, which are not always nutritious or healthy.

If you feel you have lost the desire to shop and cook, then it may be a good idea to consider assisted living. You will get delicious meals and snacks each day with healthy and wholesome ingredients and you won’t have to worry about cooking or doing the dishes anymore.

You Have Chronic Conditions and Can’t Manage Your Medication

It is common to have health issues when you grow older. High blood pressure, diabetes, or other common health conditions require regular medication to stay healthy.

Seniors may sometimes lose track of their medication routine—which can be dangerous and detrimental to their health. To remain physically and mentally healthy, seniors must keep up with their medication management.

If they struggle to follow it, they may find that assisted living is a good option. Doctors and nurses make sure that all residents follow their medication routine. People with chronic conditions have doctors checking on them. A medical professional will help ensure that people remain healthy and keep an eye out for any new health issues.

Your Loved Ones Struggle

It is common for family members to support each other. Unfortunately, there may come a time when this becomes too difficult. When one family member tries to cook, clean, help with grooming, and act as a nurse while also living a life of their own, they are facing a daily struggle.

If you feel a loved one is reaching burnout or if you are the person taking care of your loved one, you should consider an assisted living facility. Communities such as St. Dominic’s Village have all the necessary personnel and medical care for your loved one and you will be sure they will be getting the proper care for their needs.

Assisted Living for Comfortable and Safe Living

As of 2022, over 800,000 Americans live in assisted living communities [5].

Assisted living combines supervision within a community with the privacy of individual apartments where residents feel at home.

Medical professionals are available 24/7 to check on residents’ health and help them manage medication. Coordinated medical care helps residents remain healthy in a safe, supervised way.

Assisted living provides meals, housekeeping, and transportation to medical appointments, which means you don’t have to take care of cooking, paying bills, or cleaning the house. This often takes a huge load off people’s shoulders and comes as great comfort.

Crucially, St. Dominic’s Village also provides opportunities for socialization and social events for residents to enjoy themselves. From the Parsley Golf Tournament and the Bishop Rizzotto Memorial Golf Classic to the Feast Day and Fall Luncheon, we will help you enjoy your hobbies and share your passions with like-minded people.

If you feel that living in your home is becoming unsafe and possibly life-challenging, reach out to St. Dominic Village to find out more about our assisted living community. As one of the leading senior care providers in the Greater Houston area, we are sure we can provide you or your loved ones with the required assistance for comfortable and pleasant living.




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