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As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, St. Dominic Village raises funds to fill the gap between the small Medicaid reimbursements we receive and the actual costs of providing elder care. Each year that gap leaves us with an average deficit of $1.3M. In order to provide the best possible care for our elders, we rely on the generosity of our donors to help close that gap. Each and every donation helps us to provide high-quality care and services to our elders, and we are incredibly grateful for that support. We hope that you will consider making a donation to St. Dominic Village today so that we can continue to provide the best possible care for our elders.

At St. Dominic Village, we believe that the most vulnerable among us deserve to be protected and cared for, regardless of the cost. That’s why we work tirelessly to subsidize the cost of care for our residents. Through grants, fundraising events, and individual donations, we’ve been able to subsidize over sixty percent of the cost of care for our residents. This allows our loved ones to remain in a senior care facility that cares for them.

For general donations please give through our secure online portal or mail checks to:

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Project Renovaré


As we look toward the future of St. Dominic Village and assess how we can most effectively serve the growing and changing needs for senior care in our community, we have determined that an update is vital to our future success.

St. Dominic Village works hard to create a loving, home-like environment, but our campus is in need of renovations. While our mission and ministry are distinguishable from our competitors, we simply are not competitive in this industry. The proposed renovation will attract more residents, improve the satisfaction of current residents and increase our census on campus. This is important to the continuing existence of St. Dominic Village.

Our Board of Directors, with input from the Strategic Planning Committee, residents, families, and staff, has agreed on a project that will have the greatest impact on St. Dominic Village, today and in the future.


Charlotte Hall and the Tower – This project will update and refresh the social area in Charlotte Hall and the Tower. This area is currently the gathering place for our Independent Living residents. It is also the first place that prospective families and residents visit when coming to our campus.

Rehabilitation and Nursing Center – This part of the project involves the renovation of Station 1 in the Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (RNC). The RNC is the highest revenue-generating area of St. Dominic Village. Updating this area will appeal to higher revenue-generating patients who require skilled nursing care and/or short-term rehabilitation. This change will not affect the number of licensed Medicaid beds.

Project Renovaré Brick Campaign

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We prayerfully request that you partner with St. Dominic Village to create a life-enhancing, modernized environment for our residents and the next generation of seniors that we will serve.

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Other Ways to Donate

Did you know that your life insurance can benefit St. Dominic Village?

You can make a substantial legacy gift by assigning St. Dominic Village as a named beneficiary in your existing life insurance policy.

For more information on planning your gifts consult with your attorney or contact Yesenia Alvarez for an attorney recommendation.

Thank you for supporting our mission of ‘Caring For Our Elders with the Compassion of Christ’. Your gift makes a direct impact in the lives of our residents.