Help Us, Help Them

Each and every day I am so thankful that I am able to lead an organization that cares for our elders while celebrating our faith. This is truly a unique community, and one of a kind in Houston.

"Caring for Our Elders with the Compassion of Christ"
This is our ministry, this is our mission.
Each year we serve over 800 residents. In our Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, over 50% of these residents are Medicaid receipients. These residents whose medical needs have made it impossible for them to financially afford the rising costs of healthcare. They have simply outlived their resources, and now require 24-hour care. St. Dominic Village has the honor of becoming their home, and we are committed to caring for them despite the annual 1.5 million dollar deficit this creates due to continued reductions in reimbursements.

We need your help to bridge this gap. Your support will make a real and lasting difference to all residents at St. Dominic Village.

Please help us today by donating to our Resident Subsidy Fund.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas.

~ Amy Shields, C.E.O.